Softening Expectations & Goal Setting

Softening Expectations

Many times we are too hard on ourselves because of unrealistic expectations.  This can be an opportunity to lean in and really see what expectations you are holding.  Can you sort through them and think about what is reasonable for you to accomplish?  Are you trying to do too much in a short amount of time?  What can wait until this afternoon or next week?  

Can you break up your goals into actionable steps so things feel less overwhelming?  Have you been taking care of your basic needs including your emotional and spiritual ones? What can you accomplish today?  Tomorrow?  In one week?  We have a limited number of hours each day to be working towards our goals.  What is reasonable will be different based on life circumstances and what your particular goals are.  


Goal Setting

Use this exercise to establish an understanding of how to move toward a goal you have. Keep in mind that progress is not always steady or linear. Sometimes stumbling again is what will unlock our ability to overcome big hurdles the next time around. Consider this like a map but into unknown terrain. It won’t account for how steep some sections are or the unforeseen river crossing, but it will help you visualize the path ahead.


What am I hoping to accomplish? (big picture)

What can I accomplish today to move towards that goal?

What does the map look like to get me to my final goal?

Write down action you can take:

Today: ______________________________________________________________

This week:___________________________________________________________

In two weeks:_________________________________________________________

In one month:_________________________________________________________

In three months:_______________________________________________________

Is this path realistic? Am I set up for success? What tools (mantras, support systems, rituals, etc.) do I need to bring with me?


A Note: This works well when you have a tangible goal such as completing coursework or a big project.  If you are working towards a more nebulous spiritual goal for yourself, please remember and remind yourself that there is no finish line; there is no end-goal for your evolution.  You are perfect just as you are.

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