This course covers the body’s stress response cycle and what happens when we experience trauma. In order to lead more fulfilling lives we must move these stuck energies and emotions out of the body. 

Course Includes:

A Format of Lecture and Informative Videos

Yoga and Breathwork

Comprehensive list of bodywork modalities

Methods you can use at home for energetic transmutation

Caring for yourself as Emotions leave the Body

Self Massage Videos

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Stress, Trauma & PTSD

a Deeper Understanding of Healing

This course walks you through the ways stress and trauma are stored in the body and how they affect our subconscious mind, our actions, and even our pathology. It explores the idea that depression, anxiety, and substance abuse could actually be undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

We will visit ways to transmute stress and trauma that is stored as negative energy (PTSD) through the use of bodywork modalities.

The course explores types of energetic and emotional release, and includes guided meditations.